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06 March 2009 @ 12:56 am
Child's Play 2  
Author : heathermouth aka slashxyouxup
Pairing: Frank&Gerard
Rating: NC17
Summary : Sequel to Child’s Play.
Disclaimer: Writers lie – just like your parents.
Warnings: Bad language, sexual situations.

Yes my friends we are here again! I loved writing Child’s Play so much that I just absolutely had to write some more. So this has been in the works for a few months and now, here it is! Thanks to the gorgeous xoxxblitz7 for lookin’ it over and for listening to me rant about it AND for forcing me to write the first one.

Child’s Play 2

Frank stands outside Leo’s school for the third time in two weeks, making that his sixth visit since Leo started five weeks ago. He wriggles the cigarette that’s hanging between his lips and sighs, groans and spits it out on to the ground, stomping it out with the heel of his shoe.

It’s getting cold in New Jersey; the leaves are crisping, browning and falling. Frank loves that, even if it does make a fucker of his back yard. And, it also makes both himself and Leo even more prone to illness, colds more often than not. Never the less Frank still loves it, loves the crunch of the leaves and the pink in the sunset, loves it even more now he’s got someone to enjoy it with.

Nine months it’s been. Holy shit nine months Frank sometimes thinks to himself and sometimes, he still can’t believe it because for one thing he’s only ever been with one person for longer than that, and for the other it’s been nine months and he hasn’t screwed it up yet.

Holy shit nine months and I haven’t screwed it up yet.

He may not have screwed up yet but that doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. Nine months it’s been, and Frank’s yet to reply to the declaration of love Gerard left in the job add (which Frank still has). They’ve never mentioned it since, neither of them and there have been thousands of times Frank could have. There have been thousands of times Frank’s wanted to tell Gerard, just grab him by the face and scream ‘God damnit I’m in love with you’, but he hasn’t. And he doesn’t really know why not. He figures that maybe, he’s just scared.

Frank hated school, every damn year of it. Well, maybe before high school wasn’t so bad, but once you hit puberty you go down one of two paths. You either blossom as a person, gaining height and weight and muscle and intellect; or, there’s the other road. The one Frank went down which, most often than not, led to the inside of a locker or the principal’s office.

Even though it’s been a fair few years since he was a student, he’s still just a little bit terrified.

When he enters the office Mrs. Giles, a woman a few years passed middle aged with round beige framed glasses, is sat at her desk, staring sternly at the chair which Frank can see Leo’s head poking over the top of. She looks up as he comes in, her face never changing.

“Mr. Iero,” maybe she didn’t mean it to sound so threatening, but Frank’s head still shrugs in to his shoulders.

“Mrs. Giles,” he nods, taking up the seat next to Leo, who’s playing with his hands. He looks up and smiles.

“Hi daddy,” Frank smiles back meekly.

“This can’t go on for much longer,” Mrs. Giles interrupts, “I’ve got a school to run Mr. Iero, and I can’t be spending all of my time dealing with your son.”

Frank sighs, “What did he do this time?”

“I’m all for self expression Mr. Iero, and by your body art I can see you are too,” Frank shifts uncomfortably in his seat, “but I will not have your child teaching the other children in his class expletives.”

“What? What did he say?”

“Shit, Mr. Iero, shit.”

Heee, shit!”

Frank bites the inside of his cheek to the point of pain to contain the laughter, probably no where near the pain he’d suffer if he let it out. It took him ages to get Leo in to this school and he’s damn well staying there, shit or no shit.

“Leo,” he scolds, glaring down at the five year old who looks up at him with a pout.

“Yes, well,” Mrs. Giles begins, “Leo’s teacher thinks he might have what’s called ADD,” she says, like Frank’s never heard of it, “that’s attention deficit disorder. We suggest you take him to a child psychologist and get a professional opinion. I don’t want to have to expel your son from this school, but if it continues I’m afraid I’ll have no choice.”

Frank wipes the sweat from his hands on to his trouser leg. “Okay, yeah, I understand, we’ll get him seen to as soon as possible,” he states, standing from his seat quickly and motioning for Leo to do the same.

“Good. Oh and, Mr. Iero?” She calls back, just as he thought it was safe. Frank turns around and waits for the bullet. “Not that I’m at all suggesting what you should do with your personal life but I have heard that in some studies they’ve found children with both male and female role models in the home succeed better in life.”

I will not hit a woman. I will not hit a woman.

He nods. “Duly noted, thank you.”


“Bitch!” Frank spits as he hits his steering wheel. Leo giggles quietly from the front seat and mimics the word. “Leo,” Frank groans.

“What?” He pouts, “You said it first.”

To be honest, the kid’s got a point.

“I know, but those are grown up words Leo, you can’t say them at five and you certainly can’t say them at school.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not right,” Frank tries to explain, “and daddy worked really hard to get you in to a good school so could you please try and be good?”

“I do try,” he whines, “I try really hard daddy, I do.”

Frank smiles softly and leans down to kiss the top of Leo’s head, “Okay, I believe you,” he says, to which Leo grins. “Ready to go see Grandma?”

“Yay Grandma!”

They collect Romeo from their house first, arriving at his mother’s ten minutes late. Not that he knew there was a specific time scheduled but apparently there was, and they’re late. He explains the situation quietly in the kitchen as Leo plays not so quietly in the living room. Linda hugs her son and kisses his forehead.

“You’re a great dad Frank, some things just happen. And if this Mrs. Giles has anything more to say she can say it to me.”

Frank laughs, but she’s looking at him like she really means it, which is a scary kind of look because once his mother’s got her mind set on something there’s no stopping her. He remembers this from being fourteen and having her stand up to an asshole high school coach who, usually cocky and obnoxious, looked like he wanted to cry after she’d finished yelling at him. Frank never had any P.E. problems after that.


Gerard’s sat on the couch watching old episodes of Friends when Frank arrives, opening the front door with the key Gerard gave him six months ago.

“Hey babe, how’d it go?” He asks before Frank enters the living room. He looks up when he does, and by the look on his face figures, “That bad?”

“She thinks Leo’s got ADD,” he says as Gerard moves over to him, pulling him in to a hug. “And she thinks it’s all my fault.”

“Why?” He asks, hugging a little tighter.

Children with both male and female role models in the home succeed better in life,” he parrots.

Gerard pulls back with a look of surprise and disbelief, “Seriously? ” Frank nods. Gerard chews on his lip and thinks for a moment. “Would it help if I wore a dress?”

Frank laughs, the sound spluttering from him as Gerard smiles triumphantly.

“I think we’d well and truly screw him up then,” he states, settling himself back in Gerard’s embrace before adding, “but thanks for the offer,” as he nuzzles their noses together.

“Anytime,” Gerard whispers to Frank’s smile before closing in to kiss him, slow and deep and nice. Frank sighs against Gerard’s lips, relieved, and coils his fingers in to his hair as hands on his ass guide him towards the couch.

They tumble on to it ungracefully because really, it’s been nine months and they still can’t get that right. Gerard’s body instantly falls between Frank’s parted knees and they kiss like hormone driven teenagers. I’ll show that stupid bitch. And maybe some part of Frank is still a teenager.

“Daddy,” comes the meek and tired whine. Gerard instantly pulls himself away, kneeling up on the couch as Mat stands at the bottom of the stairs clutching the banister in one hand and Charlie the monkey in the other. He’s unphased by the sight of them kissing because, in the past nine months, he’s seen it a lot. “I had a bad dream.”

Gerard sighs, “I’ll be right back,” before clambering off the couch.

“I’m gonna call my mom, make sure Leo’s in bed okay.” Gerard nods as he picks Mat up and carries him back upstairs.

It’s not that long until Mat drops back off to sleep, Gerard’s not even got to the second verse of Somebody To Love before his little eyes are fluttering closed. He smiles triumphantly, kisses Mat’s cheek and tucks the covers around him.

When Gerard gets back downstairs his plans of picking up where they left off are pretty much shot to shit as Frank’s asleep on the couch, arms wrapped around a cushion like it’s a teddy, mouth slightly ajar and snoring – just a little. Gerard laughs and makes his way over to the sleeping man, slowly pulling away the cushion and gently settling himself in its place.


The set alarm on Frank’s watch wakes both men up early, too early, the next morning. Frank groans and rubs at his eyes, silencing the constant bleeping before glancing around oddly at Gerard’s room. It’s not that there’s anything odd about Gerard’s room or that he’s never been in it before, he’s been here quite a few (hundred) times in fact – it’s just that he can’t remember moving from the couch to it. He also can’t remember taking off his shoes and clothes, bar his boxers, and placing his cell phone on the night stand.

He shrugs to himself, whatever, and shifts under the arm around his waist, easing himself slowly out of bed. He gets about half way before he’s pulled back, like he’s attached with invisible elastic, under the covers and in to the warmth.

“You’re not getting away that easily,” warm breath rushes over the sensitive skin behind his ears, causing him to shiver and crane his neck.

“Gotta pick up Leo for school,” he whispers.

“Five more minutes?” Gerard pleads with a pathetic yet irresistible pout.

“Sorry, Leo’s in enough trouble without being late and I’ll be in trouble if I’m late for work,” he grins, “my boss is a real hard ass.”

“Oh yeah?” Gerard asks with a coy smile as Frank shifts around in his arms. “What else is he like?”

“Well,” Frank drawls with a thinking face, “he’s attractive, mysterious and completely insatiable.”

“Should I be worried?” Gerard manages to get out just before Frank sucks his bottom lip in to his mouth, looking up at Gerard with dark smiling eyes.



Frank’s not that late for work, not even five minutes late as he strolls through the doors of the gallery carrying three coffees in his hands and holding a paper bag between his teeth.

“I smell bagels,” Cath’s head pops up from behind the reception desk.

Frank sets the bag down on the desk, “I’m surprised you can smell anything over the nail polish fumes,” he leans over and gags at the strong scent, “Jesus Cath, you’re worse than my mother.”

She frowns, raising an eyebrow at him as she takes her breakfast from the brown bag, “Tut-tut Franklin, tut-tut,” and begins to devour the sweet bread.

“I smell coffee,” Gerard sings, slinking around one of the white partitions.

“Frank’s surprised you can smell anything over my nail polish fumes,” Cath says with a mouthful. Frank mouths a Ha Ha before handing Gerard his coffee.

He smiles, “Thank you sweetie,” kissing Frank’s cheek and heading back to his office, not before stopping to add, “you kids play nice now.”


Frank’s office is on the other side of the gallery, half the size of Gerard’s and without the comfy couch but it’s still a pretty impressive space compared to Frank’s last working quarters. The desk is his favourite; the wood is dark – almost black – shiny and smooth. The drawers are wide and deep and smell of old paper. He keeps very little on it; the surface always looks neat and clean holding just his laptop, very little stationary, few framed photos and a phone. The drawers are where he hides the chaos, the contact details of everyone the gallery knows, floor plans, invitation mock ups, endless print outs and various other things which make his job increasingly more unneat.

He’s the floor manager of the gallery for two reasons. One, Gerard did offer him the job after all and two; he’s damn well good at it. Not the art stuff, god no, he couldn’t tell a Van Gogh from a Monet – but the artist stuff. He’s got pretty good people skills, surprisingly, and with Gerard being the diva he is he’s far better at dealing with stressful situations and/or artists.

So for the past nine months he and Cath, like an unstoppable force, have been organising everything from renting the space for office parties to full blown show cases and artist openings. Gerard’s Angel’s, Gerard likes to call them – even though there’s only two of them (he did try to rope Mikey in to it, but he refused to take part in ‘such shenanigans’ – or something along those lines).

He’s currently typing away, replying to an e-mail from a gallery in England. They’ve been exchanging e-mails for the past two weeks in regards to a new artist who’s looking to broaden his horizons after making a good name for himself across the pond. Frank likes his stuff; it’s cool and weird and kinda reminds him of Gerard’s sketches. He’d take him on, but that’s pretty much Gerard’s call.

Chewing the last of his bagel Frank prints the e-mail, along with several pictures of paintings, and makes his way over to Gerard’s office.

Knock knock.

Frank’s waits for the sleepy come in before breezing in to the room with a smile.

“Hey babe,” Gerard looks up from the stack of papers on his desk and grumbles, “finance day huh?”

One day every month Gerard has to go through all the money situations with the gallery. He hates it for several reasons, but mostly hates it because its so boring it kind of makes him want to die.

“I hate money,” he mumbles, throwing his pen in his own little tantrum. “So what’s up?”

Frank slips the papers on to his desk, covering up the finance file. “Those guys in London e-mailed again about their new artist, they invited you over – prepaid and everything. There are some pictures of his most recent work.”

“What do you think of it?”

Frank shrugs, “I dunno, I’m not all arty and stuff.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Gerard smiles, “I still want your opinion.”

“Oh, okay. Yeah, it’s cool, it’s kinda dark and surreal and - yeah, he’s got some good shit.”

Gerard grins and nods, “Okay, I’ll go see his shit,” Frank laughs and turns to leave, “as long as you come with me.”


“So, you’re being whisked away to London then?”

Bob and Ray had come over around fifteen minutes ago loaded with pizza and beers and of course something coated in sugar for Leo. As Leo practices his guitar and sucks on candy contently in his room the guys eat and drink and discuss important matters around the kitchen table. As usual.

“Firstly, Robert, it’s not whisking when it’s work stuff and secondly, I haven’t even said yes yet.”

Yet,” Ray comments, tipping the neck of his bottle in Frank’s direction.

Frank rolls his eyes, “I might say no.”

Bob scowls and picks up another piece of pizza, flicking off a piece of sweet corn before taking a bite. “And why would you do that?”

“I can’t just go flittering off to England, who would look after the gallery? Who would look after Leo, and Romeo? Who would-?”

“Frank!” Ray interrupts abruptly, “Will you stop worrying for five seconds and just, go and have some fun? You’ve been working your ass off since you started at that gallery. It won’t fall apart without you for a few days and I’m sure there’s enough people here to look after Leo and Romeo. So please, stop making excuses and just GO!”

Frank’s smiling by the time Ray’s stopped to take a breath. “Bob?”

Bob shrugs and then folds his arms across his chest. “I mean this in the most loving way but, seriously Iero, fuck off.”

Frank feels like kissing the pair of them and hugging the shit out of them, but at the risk of a beating he simply grins and nods. “Okay, I’ll go.”


It’s almost six o’clock when Frank arrives the next day to tell Gerard the good news. He sets Leo down as they enter and watches as he runs to the stairs, stopping briefly to greet Gerard before clambering up the staircase on all fours. Frank grins as he watches his son disappear with excitement. He’s still watching when Gerard sneaks behind him and slips his arms around his waist.

“Hey,” he whispers. He’d said hello as soon as he heard Frank open the door, but he’d still never pass up the opportunity to really greet him. Frank turns around quickly in his grip, grinning and kissing Gerard’s bottom lip before pulling away all together, taking Gerard’s hand and leading him to the couch.

“I’ve come to a well informed decision,” Frank says as he sits himself down, kicking off his shoes and scooting back so he can sit cross legged. Gerard smiles at the teenage boy inside Frank, who still comes through whenever he’s excited or slightly nervous.


Frank nods, “Yeah,” before chewing on his bottom lip for a moment or so. He lets go of his lip with a small pop sound and smiles, nervously, “I’ll come with you.”

He’s barely got time to finish his sentence before Gerard squeals (embarrassingly high) and pounces on him.


“Remember to give my mom Gerard’s cell number, both of them, and yours, and the hotel’s,” Frank rambles as he throws a few last things carelessly in to his case, “and the doctor’s number, and the school’s, make sure she gives them hers too. Actually, do they already have it? Tell her to call and check once you give her the number. And remind her-”

“Frank!” Ray shouts, causing Frank to pause and look up, ipod in hand. “Jesus man, chill, your mother has raised a child before y’know?”

“And look how that turned out,” Bob sniggers from behind a magazine, his face hidden, so Frank scowls at Metallica instead.

“Just calm down okay? Everything will be fine,” Ray adds.

Frank drops the ipod in to his bag and sighs, stuffing his hands in to his pockets and nodding, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Ray grins, “Of course I am.”


Saying goodbye to Leo is hard, extremely hard. He’s only going for four days but he’s never been without Leo for more than twenty four hours, ever. He’s not sure he can cope. Leo, on the other hand, doesn’t seem too phased by the concept of not seeing his dad for a couple of days in fact, he’s quite excited.

“Now you be good for grandma and your uncles okay?” Leo nods as Frank kneels in front of him. “If you need me at any time you can call me or Gerard.” He nods again and wipes his nose on the back of his hand.

“Okay daddy.”

“And if you’ve been good I might just bring you back a present.”

“Yay!” Leo squeals and claps. Frank grins and pulls his son in to a hug, squeezing him tightly. “Love you daddy,” Leo whispers.

Frank in hails deeply, taking in the smell of Leo’s hair. “I love you too.”


Gerard’s not in when Frank arrives at his place. There’s a note on the fridge though.

Mikey demanded peanut butter. Home soon.

Frank smiles to himself as his fingers brush over the note. He places his bag on the kitchen table and sighs, turning slowly as if looking for something to do. It’s strange being in Gerard’s house alone; the rooms are usually filled with music or laughter. Gerard’s never been a quiet person, even when he has time to himself the TV will be on or the stereo will be blaring. In all the time Frank’s known him he’s been unable to remain quiet, even in sex.

Hell, especially in sex Frank thinks to himself, grinning as the sound of one of Gerard’s groans suddenly niggles its way from the back of his mind to behind his eyes where he can relive it. He bites his lip and sighs.

The sound of the phone breaks through his thoughts, annoyingly, and he all but floats in to the living room to answer it.

“Yellow,” he breezes in a relaxed tone, expecting it to be Gerard, and flops down on the couch.

“Is Gerard there please?” A female voice asks, formal and polite.

Frank sits up a little. “I’m afraid not, can-”

“Who is this?” She interrupts, just as Frank is about to ask to take a message in his polite phone voice. Suddenly, she seems to have lost hers.

“Frank,” he states, “Gerard’s-” he pauses to contemplate his next word. Partner? Boyfriend? Friend? “Boyfriend,” he finally settles on.

“Boyfriend?” She repeats and Frank nods, even though he’s aware she can’t see him.

“Yup. Can I take a message?”

There’s silence for a few moments and Frank begins to wonder if she’s still there until he hears heavy breathing. “Just tell him Amanda called.”

“Will do, bye,” but she’s already hung up. “Huh,” Frank muses to himself as he sets the phone down, picking up the remote and shaking off his strange encounter as he turns on the TV. He flips through the channels before finally settling on a wild life show.

“Hey babe,” Gerard calls ten minutes later as he strolls through the front door, almost tripping over Frank’s suitcase.

“Seals are awesome,” Frank states without taking his eyes from the screen, “like, really awesome.”

Gerard raises a peculiar eyebrow but does nothing more as he settles himself on the couch next to Frank, snuggling in to his side. Frank tears his eyes away from the TV slowly, turning to face Gerard who smiles with sleepy eyes.

“Was Leo okay?”

“Yup,” Frank nods, brushing some bark hair behind Gerard’s ear, “better than I thought. Better than me,”

“Aww,” Gerard coos, kissing Frank’s forehead. “Well, Matty’s a little bit used to me going away. I think he couldn’t wait to get rid of me actually.”

“You’re actually leaving Mikey in charge of your child?”

“Yes,” Gerard states, holding his serious expression until Frank looks sternly at him. “I may have asked Cath to check in on them.”

Laughing, Frank turns back to his programme.

When it’s over Gerard whines about being sleepy, stating they both have to be up pretty early tomorrow and if they want to get in a decent make out session before bed, they’d better get a move on. And really, like Frank can refuse.

So he turns off the TV and pulls Gerard up from the couch, leading him over to the stairs, phone call and seals forgotten.


Frank’s awake before the alarm even has time to think about going off. He shuts it off before it does and bounds from the bed because, now that he thinks about it, he’s kind of excited. He’s never been to England before and it’s been a lifetime since he was out of New Jersey. He loves the place and all, aint nowhere like it, but sometimes it feels as though his entire life is in a single room – and he’s not that fond of walls.

“Gerard,” he sings brightly as he pulls on some clean underwear, “wakey time.”

Gerard rolls on to his back and groans, “nurgh, no wakey time.”

“Get up lazy bones.”

“Lazy bones?” Gerard says, slinging an arm across his eyes. “It’s 5am.”

Frank ignores his protest and rips the sheets from him, letting the cruel morning air run riot around Gerard’s half naked body. He whines and blindly gropes around for the missing material, but Frank has already dumped it in the laundry basket. Bastard.

By the time Gerard’s dressed and making his way downstairs he can smell fresh coffee and toast. The radio’s on too, and Frank’s at the far end of the kitchen units, buttering toast and bopping along to the tune.

“Like a virgin, ow, touched for the very first time,” his butt wiggles in time to the beat. Gerard sniggers from the doorway and Frank shoots a smile over his shoulder, not even the slightest bit embarrassed. Gerard collapses in to a chair at the table and Frank dances his way over with a plate of toast, “When your heart beats, next to mine.”

“You’re so gay,” Gerard mumbles with a smile, shaking his head. Frank grins, placing the toast in front of Gerard before moon walking away.

Gerard can’t help but get a little buzz off of Frank’s happiness, the way he dances around the kitchen actually seeming okay to be awake at such a time due to excitement. Sure, Gerard’s excited, though not as much as Frank. He’s been to England twice before on business. He’s more excited to show Frank the things he’s seen, the things he knows Frank will love. Of course he’s also excited about discovering a new artist, but that can wait until they get there. For now, he’s got Frank’s smile.


“Good morning this is your captain speaking. The skies are fairly clear this morning, a little bit of fog but nothing too bad which should mean a smooth flight for all of us. We will be taking off in around five minutes time; the flight is due to take us eight hours which should have us landing in England at approximately eleven twenty pm local time. Please fasten your seat belts for take off. We hope you enjoy your flight and thank you for flying with Continental.”

Frank fidgets in his seat, squirming beneath his seat belt as he glares down at his shoes. His excitement had ended as soon as he set foot on the flight steps ascending up to the plane; he’d immediately felt closed in. Evidently a Bowing 777 is not the best place for a claustrophobic person to be.

Gerard sets his hand on Frank’s and squeezes it gently, giving him a reassuring smile, “It’ll be okay, you’ll be fine I promise,” he offers, but Frank’s having none of it.

“That’s easy for you to say,” he returns, looking up from his shoes with a face he’s seen Leo pull countless times, “it’s not like we’re riding a giant flying needle.” Gerard suppresses the urge to giggle and instead coos quietly at his boyfriend.

During take off Frank shuts his eyes and sucks in a deep breath, his nose and eyes scrunching in discomfort as he clings to Gerard’s hand and repeats to himself – ‘I will not die, I will not die, I will not die’.

After the seat belt sign disappears, he’s relatively calm. The plane’s not as small as he originally thought when he first stepped on board, and Gerard’s random hand or thigh touches and soft smiles are helping to keep the demons of claustrophobia at bay.

“So, eight hours?” Frank muses as he glances from wall to wall. Gerard makes a simple mhm sound, obviously paying little attention as he’s already got his nose buried in The Secret Life of Salvador Dali. Refusing to be defeated Frank lets out short puffs of air in quick successions, keeping one eye on Gerard as he waits for a reaction.

Gerard casts a glance Frank’s way every odd moment, his eyebrow raised in a playful annoyance as he tries to get back in to his book. But alas, Frank is having none of it.

“I’m boooored,” he sings, his head lolling against the head of his seat. Without looking away from the pages Gerard reaches forward for his in flight entertainment manual and places it on Frank’s lap and returns to his reading with a smirk. “You suck,” Frank mumbles, and Gerard bites the inside of his cheek to keep himself from making a witty remark.

Never the less, after a further five minutes of staring at the back of the chair in front Frank sighs and flips through the entertainment guide and the last thing Gerard hears for nearly two hours is, “Ow! Hulk.”

Nearly two hours later Frank pulls down his headphones and announces, “I have a new found attraction towards Edward Norton.”

Gerard looks across from his book and tilts his head to the side, “I didn’t know you had an old one.”

“Well there was definitely an attraction in Red Dragon, but there’s something about a mutating man that must just do it for me.”

The corners of Gerard’s mouth begin to twitch, “I’m not sure if I should be offended by that.”

Frank grins and pushes his headphones back on to his ears before flipping through the channels and settling on Family Guy. Sometime later he pulls the free blanket out of the flight pack and nestles himself within it. He falls asleep soon after, head against the sunlight, eyes closed and gauping at the clouds.

When Gerard finally notices Frank’s slumber he reaches beneath his seat for his carry on and pulls out his sketch pad. Tucking his book in to the pocket of the seat in front he sends a loving glance Frank’s way before flipping the pad open.

Some time, Gerard doesn’t know because he’s lost all concept of it, later there’s a dull rattle of the refreshment trolley being wheeled up their isle and pretty soon, an overly make-up’d face is smiling down at him with red painted lips.

“You might want to wake your, uh, husband up soon Sir, food is on its way shortly,” she says, collecting the empty bottle of water from Gerard’s pull down tray before continuing down the isle.

He watches after her with a bemused look on his face before he closes his sketch pad and notices the ring on his finger. He ohhh’s at himself before grinning. He wears a simple band on that finger for no other reason than it looks good there, and maybe because it keeps away unwanted both female and male attention. But mostly because it looks good there.

Frank’s groggy and a little disorientated when Gerard finally wakes him up. He blinks the sleep out of his eyes and squints at Gerard, who’s smiling and saying words he’s only just managing to make out.

“Wuh, food?” Frank grumbles. Gerard laughs softly and nods before kissing Frank’s temple. Frank hums and leans in to it, turning his head so he’s able to catch Gerard’s lips and, once he’s got them, he’s not letting them go.

He coils an arm around Gerard’s neck to ensure he stays put, tilting his head just a little as a tell tale sign he wants Gerard to start kissing him properly. And so he does. The arm rest between them had been pushed up pretty much since they sat down, so Gerard’s able to lean against Frank and get his hands under the blanket and under his shirt, skimming his warm skin softly as Frank sighs quietly.

Gerard pulls away, abruptly, and rests his forehead against Frank’s, staring at his kiss swollen lips with want.

“We’re on a plane,” he whispers and Frank scowls.


Gerard grins and pecks Frank’s lips again, his fingertips resting beneath Frank’s chin as he holds their faces close together. “So, we have to calm down because there’s a very big chance of us getting arrested for indecent exposure and those bathrooms are freakishly small.”

“But-” Frank whines before Gerard cuts him off again.

“This is not one of your mother’s smutty romance novels. We are not joining the Mile High club.”

Frank frowns, “cock tease.”

Gerard grins and bites at Frank’s earlobe before pulling away mumbling, “learnt from the best.”

After what seems like a lifetime later the plane gets ready for landing. Frank squeezes his eyes closed tight, again, and grabs at Gerard’s hand, again. He doesn’t breathe properly until the wheels touch the runway and he gasps a little as he feels the jolt of landing, but still keeps hold of Gerard’s hand.

When they’re lined up like cattle, waiting to exit the plane, Gerard presses himself against the back of Frank and the corner of his backpack digs in to Frank’s leg a little but whatever, because Gerard’s pressed against him.

“You know what’s not small or indecent?” Gerard whispers, and before Frank can say one of the many different replies that swim around in his brain Gerard answers for him. “Our hotel room.”

And just like that Frank realizes they’re four thousand something miles away from interruption (aka Leo, Mat and sometimes Mikey), and also that there’s a rather large comfy bed in a rather large swanky London hotel waiting for them. As Gerard’s hand wraps around his hip Frank groans to himself, we’ve got to get to that hotel now. But with the pace of the line in front that’s really not going to happen anytime soon. Frank slumps his shoulders.


It baffles Frank, maybe more than slightly, that the line for immigration is ten times shorter and quicker than the line for UK citizens. Yet he looks beyond the crowd of annoyed and over tired people and out to the runway where he can see the rain hitting the tarmac with force, pattering off of the glass of the windows like static.

Gerard stands close behind him, resting his head on Frank’s shoulder as he smiles, “welcome to England.”

There’s something inside Frank that squeals when a black taxi pulls up to take them to their hotel, and it’s pretty hard to hide the rediculase smile on his face as a double Decker red bus trundles past them behind a line of traffic. Gerard slips his hand on to Frank’s thigh and squeezes softly.

“You excited?” Frank nods enthusiastically, taking in all the tall old building, great cathedrals and halls. It’s pretty damn impressive, Frank thinks. As Gerard’s hand slides down towards his knee Frank remembers why he’s so excited to get to the hotel. The words child free and dear god yes flash through his brain briefly, and he’s back to gnawing on the inside of his cheek to keep from cursing at the snails pace traffic in front.

“What time do you have to be at the gallery tomorrow?” Frank asks as an attempt to hide the flipping feeling low in his stomach every time Gerard squeezes a little bit tighter.

We have to be there at ten,” Frank cocks his head to the side and raises an eyebrow, “you’re coming with me, I told you I want your opinion too.”

“Do I have to say things like exquisite texture and deeper meaning?”

Holding in a snorting laugh Gerard shakes his head, “no, you don’t.”



Frank’s breath stalls in his throat as they step out of the car and in front of the Hilton Hotel, it’s gorgeous, to be blunt. Finely dressed men pour from the entrance, taking their cases from the boot of the taxi and disappearing back in to the hotel like something out of a musical (Frank’s a little disappointed the don’t twirl and sing and dance with the cases but whatever).

The lobby is everything the outside of the building suggests, grand and immaculate but for some reason, Frank doesn’t feel all that out of place. He waits by a leaflet display and watches their cases disappear in a flash of colour on wheels in to one of the many elevators, as Gerard checks them in.

“You ready?” Frank hears Gerard say as he’s browsing over something to do with a hell of a lot of wax and one extremely bored woman. Frank puts down the leaflet and nods.

“Yup,” he grins.

In the elevator Gerard slips his hands in to his back pockets and leans against the mirrored wall, hips out and smirking in Frank’s direction. Frank laughs and shakes his head, willing himself not to groan and surrender – not just yet anyways.

Gerard, however, has other ideas as Frank barely has time to drop his jacket before his back’s against the closed door and Gerard’s lips are on his neck.

“Jesus, look at the size of this roo-oo-oh god,” Frank moans when Gerard bites on his skin, sucking the flesh between his teeth and soaking it in warm saliva. He manages to work his eyes back open and glance up at the ceiling, which is bright and light and holding a false candle light chandelier, but they snap shut once more as Gerard’s fingers carefully work their way beneath Frank’s shirt to trace the skin delicately.

“You seen the bed yet?” Gerard asks, to which Frank shakes his head. He pulls the two of them; leaning back himself and leaning Frank forward until they can peer round the partition to the bedroom.

“HOLY FUCK!” Frank’s face splits in to an excited grin as he sees the overly large bed with four different sets of pillows. “That thing’s made for four people.”

Gerard smirks and runs a hand up to toy gently with Frank’s nipple, pushing him back against the door as he brings his t-shirt further up, until he’s able to finally pull it from him. He then sheds his own like an unwanted layer of skin, getting his hands attached back to Frank as soon as possible.

“Lets check it out,” he says with a grin, grabbing Frank by the belt buckle and pulling him past the living area and in to the bedroom. They kiss as they stumble over the threshold, rushed and giddy, as Gerard impatiently works Frank’s pants open.

Frank lands on the bed face up and Gerard immediately rids him of his loose fit jeans, sliding them down his legs after removing his sneakers in two swift pulls. Frank scoots up the bed as Gerard kicks his own shoes off; following him up like a panther, stalking until Frank’s back hits the cold headboard, beads of sweat smearing from Frank’s inked skin to the dark wood. Gerard settles between Frank’s bent knees and settles his hands on Frank’s hips before leaning in for another kiss, soft and sloppy and undisturbed. Frank threads his legs through Gerard’s, knocking their bodies closer together, pressing more of Gerard’s bare skin against his own and it feels electrifying.

There’s nothing between them now, no material, no kids, no five hundred passengers – nothing, and Gerard wants to replace all that nothing with his lips and tongue as he kisses down Frank’s chest and licks back up again. On his way back up he stops by Frank’s nipple for a quick sharp tug, to which Frank arches and moans, his eyes widening with something feral.

“Gerard,” he gasps, threading his fingers in to the dark hair at the base of Gerard’s neck and pulling until Gerard makes the same sound. He scrambles from on top of Frank and rummages on the floor until he finds his jeans and the condom they contain. Frank takes it from him and does the rest.

Frank’s gripping the sheets with anticipation, similar to the first time they had sex, as Gerard presses their foreheads together, staring straight at Frank. With a quick seductive bob of his eyebrows Gerard pushes forward hard and bold and Frank moans something that sounds a lot like finally, but neither can be too sure.

It’s a slow blur at first as their hands wander over skin, gripping tight at random points when something clicks. Frank sucks on his bottom lip with his eyes clamped shut as he revels in the feeling, steady and smooth, and maybe he feels a little sleepy he’s so content.

They’ve got the whole bed to roam, but they stay in the same place, close and connected in a constant rhythm – that is until Gerard rolls on to his back, pulling Frank with him who yelps in surprise, tumbling over on to his hands as he plants them by Gerard’s head for support.

“A little warning next time?” Frank breathes; Gerard smirks and drags his nails down Frank’s abdomen.

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“Lazy,” Frank protests, but still grins and leans back, gripping on to Gerard’s chest as he starts to move, grinding his hips against Gerard’s as he raises his.

It gets quicker from then on, and the edges of every action are smooth and smudged as the sweat begins the prickle sickly sweet down their necks and around their lips. There’s an itch deep in Frank’s stomach that get scratched just a little as Gerard goes deeper every other thrust or so.

All too soon they’re close to tumbling over the edge, but really they’re surprised they lasted this long. Finally being able to have sex without a hand clamped over each other’s mouth Frank’s surprised he didn’t explode at the first touch.

His stomach is clenching and flipping like it does when Gerard smiles at him a certain way, and he rocks his hips back and forth against Gerard’s while his blunt nails scrape down Gerard’s chest, just so he knows what’s coming – him, and he does, hard with a harsh whine than runs right down Gerard’s spine and in to his dick, making him spill seconds later.

Gerard groans as Frank’s muscles still spasm around his sensitive cock, recovering from orgasm. When all is quiet and still once more, bar their panted breathing, Frank carefully extracts Gerard from him before collapsing on top of him with an umpf sort of sound.

Gerard winds his fingers through Frank’s hair with a content mmm, and that’s pretty much all they’re getting from each other before they pass out.

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